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June 17, 2011

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Just your average Material Girl

I think I may have spoken too soon.

My emerging love for the rain has been sorely tested over the last couple of days. Think heavy, monsoon rain where you just step outside and are immediately soaked from every direction because of course your umbrella is a piece of shit that refuses to work and goes inside out every two seconds and when you finally make it into work after battling back-to-back traffic and rude people who nearly knock your head off with their obviously compensating-for-something monster umbrellas your feet are soaked in your shoes, water has gotten into every crevice and you resemble a very disgruntled poodle.


So Hong Kong has this rain warning system – Amber, Red and Black. Black is the ULTIMATE warning I have been told. Before you start heading into typhoon territory. You don’t even think of going outside. It has only been an Amber warning so far, so I am actually seriously afraid what it will be like if Mother Nature really gets nasty.

But rainy days, as mentioned before are conducive for shopping. In fact, I am sure that there is a formula out there that proves my theory.

Now the following is going to be some vapid-sounding shopping talk. Feel free to go browse some more intellectually stimulating websites if you think you will lose brain cells while I sit here comfortably in my material world. Kthxbai.

My never-ending quest to find the perfect tan leather bag was on the cards then for last night. Jups, Scout (Anyone remember blogger Scout?!! She’s alive people! And gorgeous :D ) and I headed to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to get our shop on where Scout works in fashion and has access to all these make-your-eyes-pop-out clothesbagshoes. Plus Jups had her eye on this very funky Burberry clutch that really only someone like her could pull off. I just say that though. I’m so awkward and unfashionable no matter how much I pretend I have a clue what’s going on. Conversations about fashion with me will consist of a lot of head-nodding and random words thrown in like “on-trend” and “tres chic” and sometimes even a brand name like “Givenchy” (of course pronounced like Ghee-ven-chee). Every bag looked so out of place on me, but when Jups or Scout held it, it was like something magical happened. The magic of cool.

I saw many bags. Big ones, small ones, long ones, pink ones, black ones (we are still talking about bags here right?? :P ) but nothing in a tan leather style that caught my eye. At the start I think I was still mentally comparing it to the Miu Miu I gave up, but by the end of it I had fallen in love at least three times when I walked into Gucci and found a coral piece of heaven that felt like it was made for me. Just me. Nobody else. If only, even after all the sales and Scout’s generous staff discount, it wouldn’t mean I would have nothing to live on for oh, the next year or so.

While I don’t advocate starving for fashion, I was very, very tempted. Would have been totally worth it too.

I ended up buying just a black Lancome kohl pencil in the beauty section since mine was probably ready to be sharpened into oblivion. I wanted to buy some MAC cosmetics as it’s definitely a lot cheaper here than in Aus but unsurprisingly, they didn’t have my shade. Boo. Oh and I learnt something new – you can actually buy the foundation refills rather than the whole compact. Um, please tell me that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know that!

So my quest continues. I’m not too fussed to be honest, because if I don’t find anything here in HK I am quite happy to come home to a beautiful Mimco bag. Oh, they are not second best at all. Come to Mama.

What’s your favourite bag – either current or currently lusting? (and if that’s like asking which one of your children you love more, I’ll understand :P )

June 13, 2011

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The rain, it gets me

So it’s another Monday and another day at work. I’m tired. Seriously, there is only so much I can absorb and process and judging by the way my right eye is slowly going red, I think I’ve just about had enough.

Can you believe that I am already halfway through my secondment? Everyone told me before I left Melbourne that it would fly by and every time I would look at them doubtfully as the weight of 3 months without my love and my doggies and my Melbourne loomed before me. Now, I sit here and think, wait – there’s so much that I still want to do and see! I’ve gotten myself into a sort of routine here which is not comfortable enough for me to completely get settled but allows me to feel that HK is a place that I could very possibly see myself working in.

However, there is a point that I need to address. The rain.

I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. How I hate thee? Let me count the ways. Most of this I blame on the experiences in Melbourne, where it almost London-esque in its comparability. Miserable to say the least. Winter is my least favourite season and the rain in particular is cold, dreary and depressing.

If I get caught in the rain, I am not a happy chappy as my instant-boofed hair and shivering body will attest to.

A pic from a road trip to the Grampians. My best friend didn’t believe me. And then that happened. So a picture was taken. Yep – it’s a scary sight and for the safety and well-being of society around me, I try to do everyone a favour and keep out of it.

But there is a contradiction to my feelings – I love the rain – as long as I am inside. Winter in Melbourne is when I turn into a hermit and spend my evenings out of the elements and on the couch, wrapped in my shawl with a glass of wine (or two!) and a good book. The constant drumming of the raindrops on my window is guaranteed to lull me to sleep and makes snuggling in the covers even more delicious.

But not here. Hong Kong is one of those places where Summer brings in the rain in form of the monsoon season. I’m not used to it. Warm rain. Unexpected thunderstorms and sun showers and puddles everywhere that just beg to be jumped in.

It cannot be any more different to Melbourne, and dare I say it – it’s slowly converting me to a rain-lover. The rain here just seems more…alive.

This weekend past has been raining off and on, and I finally decided to (wo)man up and venture outside risking the possibility of boofy hair. Plus I had finally finished catching up on Gossip Girl and needed something to distract me from wallowing in Blair&Chuck withdrawal. Preferably something shiny.

I headed into Central (which is very aptly named for the central part of HK) and immediately made a beeline for the best coffee place I knew in the city. Fuel Espresso, located in the Landmark building has coffee the closest I have seen get to creamy, aromatic lattes of the streets of Melbourne and is my go-to place when I need a proper caffeine hit. It may be highway robbery when it comes to what I pay for it, but it’s totally worth it.

Fact: I can’t actually function until I have coffee inside me. It’s true. Involves robot responses and searching wild eyes.

A rainy weekend means it’s the perfect time to go shopping. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyways. I have my mind set on finding a lovely tan leather bag but everything I see I can’t help compare to lovely Miu Miu bag that I walked past at the Prada outlet in Ap Lei Chau. In my price range and exactly what I was looking for. I am still kicking myself. I’m actually considering making the 45 minute bus trip back to see if I can find it again. And if I can’t, then there’s always the amazing Cupcake shop there that will help heal my broken heart.

I spent the next few hours perusing the stores and really hoping that at any moment I would realise that I was a millionaire and could afford anything there and not balk at the thousand dollar price tags. No luck this time.

I spent the rest of the weekend embracing the rain and staying indoors. While I avoided boof-hair, my walk home in the rain from the grocery store was enough for me to claim hermit-status again. But it was great. It involved movies by candlelight and finishing off yet another bottle of wine (I’m starting to wonder if I’ll return to Melb an alco. Actually. Nope – already am one :P ) and chocolate. If I had a bathtub in my apartment, I would have been immersed in it. I actually continued my indulgence on Sunday with a mani/pedicure with Jups and felt like a million bucks after. Now I know why so many HK women are so impeccably groomed. It’s like crack. I’m now convinced that this is an essential part of my being and need it in my life. Perhaps every week.

Now all I need to do is convince Evs.

Are you a rain-lover or hater?? Do you get regular mani/pedi’s?

June 4, 2011

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Jock shock

Hahahah man, I can’t believe I wrote a whole post on salad. I’ve barely started blogging again and already I am scraping the barrel. But, as warned, my blog is my literally anything and everything that spews forth from my mind and I guess the greens were on it.

Unfortunately, my weekend looks like it is again going consumed by food and wine (more of the latter than I probably should have), but it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. We have a long weekend here in HK due to the Dragon Boat festival on Monday (I’m liking how I’ve been here just over a month and already I’ve had like three public holidays. Whatever floats their boat I say. Oh. Hahahah. No pun intended there).

I spent today in the most relaxed way possible – got up late (it’s funny how even with technically two hours extra sleep I could still very easily keep going. I am a sloth at heart) and made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. Yum and yum. Saturday is the day I do my laundry in the shared laundry room on the ground floor and like always, as I headed down one of the guys at the front desk offered to my laundry for me. Um, no thanks.

There are three of them that rotate shifts at the front desk and each of them now know my colleague and I well enough now to know our routine. And while I don’t know them as they somehow seem to know me, I have taken the liberty of giving them nicknames so I remember which one is which.

  • There is Grumpy Front Desk Guy, who likes to complain loudly in Cantonese how he hates working there and how he was ‘tricked’ into coming there. He spends his time watching episodes of Chinese serials on his laptop.
  • Then there is Giggly Front Desk Guy, who reminds me of the Laughing Buddha – complete with belly. He’s always jolly and trying to make Grumpy Front Desk Guy laugh.
  • The last guy, my colleague has taken to naming him She-man (and now it’s stuck) as he has the most surprisingly feminine face and soft curls. He’s quiet but always with a smile for us (even when I come stumbling in at 3am and can’t for the life of me figure out how to use my access card to get into the building)

So – laundry. Now I actually have a reason for me not wanting them to do my laundry for me, besides the normal ew factor. When I went down to use the washing machine, there were someone’s clothes still in there. Giggly Front Desk Guy (GFDG) was on duty and so I told him that I’ll come back later, thinking that the person would be close by.

“No no no!”, he insisted, “You pliss use machine. Not know where person gone. Could be long time”, and he started to pull the clothes out and dump them into the nearby dryer. I watched as he did this, kinda feeling awkward that he was doing this for me and half-anxious that the person would come back and I’d feel bad for removing their laundry. Then GFDG started laughing. Knowing that this was a normal occurrence with him, I still looked to see what the joke was and saw he was holding up a pair of men’s underwear and pointing where at least another ten pairs of the same black-banded, navy blue boxerstyle briefs were laying in a pile (Yeah I took a good look).

“Ha ha ha. Why he all have the same underwear? How many he need?”

“Ummm…I don’t really know” I replied weakly, not quite sure where this was heading. I kid you not, at this point he was giggling away like a school boy with a dirty magazine.

To make matters worse, the door suddenly opened and a head peeked through. It was the nice American who the, uh, underthings belonged to. GFDG was still laughing and was delighted to see the owner. “You have so many underwear! Why you need so many? And all same!”.


The poor American slowly turned a nice shade of red as he noticed me, this random strange girl staring at his jocks. He kind of stammered a reply and was visibly relieved when the GFDG said he’d bring “his many same underwear to him” when done, and bolted.

Oh my lord…

The rest of the day has been spent perusing the stores and picking up a top or two and sunglasses at H&M (shopping in HK is crazy! I waited like 45 minutes to get into a dressing room!), and now coming home to Chuck&Blair and the rest of my wine. Was quite sad when it finished. Both the episodes and the bottle.

What’s your most ‘awkward’ moment with a stranger? For GG fans – who’s your favourite character?

Oh I am Blair all the way – Serena just makes me want to smack her over the head and then steal her clothes. Oh wait – I think something to that effect actually happened in an episode hahaha.

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