//Weekend Reading #20

September 28, 2012


It’s been a trying day.

I woke up this morning and turned on the news while I had my breakfast. And as I ate my eggs and toast, my heart broke because of this.

I didn’t know her, but there was a part of me that was clinging to hope and praying that she would be found. Alive and well.

Is it weird to cry for someone you have never met, you never knew?

When the sky went black this morning in Melbourne and it began raining as the news broke of Jill’s body being found, I felt grief-stricken. I went to work in the pouring rain, the tears streaming down my face matching the downpour that fell all around me. It felt like all of Melbourne was grieving with me and the heavens had opened to let the emotion flow.

On getting to work, I was greeted with more news – but this time something that made my heart sing.

My friend Jhoomur, gave birth to her second baby girl :)

So, after riding this rollercoaster of emotions all day – I’m looking forward to some quality time with my loved ones. Just…hold them tight for just that little moment more whether it be snuggling up with Evs on the couch as he watches the AFL Grand Final match or take in the sweet, puppy smell of Toby as he presses his head into my belly and gives me a little lick on my hand.

So, I hope you all get to spend some time with the ones you love this weekend as well. And for the snatches of time that you steal away for yourself, here are a few things to help pass the time.

  • So I’m not what you would say and go “Yep, she’s a runner”. I’m pretty awkward when I run due to the generous overflowing of hips, butt and boobs I was blessed with, but that doesn’t take anything away from being able to run. This article from Jezebel calls out the ‘scientific theories’ that say you need to be flat-chested and lean to be a runner.


  • My posts have been sporadic as of late for various reasons and I really want to nurture this space more. Half my problem is that dreaded writer’s block that leaves me staring at the blank screen in front of me. Here’s a great post from Yes and Yes on how to overcome writer’s (or any creative block).


  • I always look at crafty people like they are some kind of genius who can magically make things and make them easily. Then I stumbled across this page from Pinterest and found at least half a dozen DIY ideas that even a noob like me can do. I’m eyeing off the workout shirts.


  • To lighten up the mood a little – I nearly spat out my coffee when I read this comic over at the Oatmeal about who looks at whom in the gym. It is. SO. true.


  • The best food to eat when watching any kind of sporting final is definitely anything that comes in mini size. So the concept of ‘sliders’ have always appealed to me. And this recipe for Crispy Quinoa sliders makes me drool and want to make them today. And tomorrow. And perhaps the day after that too.


  • Balance. It’s something we all strive for and at varying level of degrees suck at. (If in fact you have got it right for you, please call me – I need tips!!! :D). Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim had this post recently on how she gets balance in her life. Her fundamental advice – eat the frog first.


  • I love pomegranates. The tartness, the little ruby jewelled sweetness…mmm. However it irritates me to peel it when all I want to do is smoosh my face in it. I’ve had this bookmarked for a while but Khushboo is a genius and worked out a no-fuss way to peeling these wonderful fruits. It will change your life.


Hope you have a great weekend!

PS – Some exciting news in the works! Will reveal all next week 😀

  • http://wehearttravelling.wordpress.com swatimital

    I love the bath you have got. Very trendy. And can’t wait to hear the exciting news :)
    Have a good weekend!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Hahah I WISH it was mine…should link to where I got the pic from. I’d love a bath like that.

  • http://chroniclesofdee.wordpress.com chroniclesofdee

    How do you stumble on the most awesome articles 😀

    I always look forward to these friday posts!

    And obvs, cannot wait for the exciting news 😀

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Hehehe…I read a lot. Probably when I should be working 😛

      Heheh not long now 😀

  • http://www.miss-imperfect.com maddisonvernon

    I have to agree love the bath, also the 31 DIY tricks were insane, can’t wait to try some of those out. Thanks x

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      That bath looks awesome – so could get into that right now with some dark chocolate and red wine. Mmmm….

      You’re welcome! Let me know if you manage to do any!

  • http://kthadani.wordpress.com Khushboo Thadani

    Thanks for the link-up, Sig…glad you’re able to enjoy pomegranates without the added mess! I still can’t seem to enough of it, especially with yogurt! Love these articles you shared! I just had quinoa for lunch but am kinda wish I turned it into quinoa sliders- alas that recipe is bookmarked for another day :)

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      You’re welcome – that tip is brilliant! I am dying to make those little sliders too 😛

  • http://wayfaringchocolate.com Hannah

    It constantly surprises me when people don’t know about the water pomegranate trick! It makes it SO EASY AND WONDERFUL. I remember googling after my first squirty-dry-pick-out-the-seeds attempt for a way to do it better, and boom! Yay!

    Sending you many squishy hugs and laughter and happy moments. I hope things are well in your world, dear Sig!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      OMG – u KNEW this??! Wow… haha yes I’ve been doing the patient, pick each aril out for ages until I saw that!

      Things are good…getting better too 😀

  • http://innershakti.wordpress.com Parita

    I can relate to feeling a surge of emotions for people I don’t know. It’s what makes us human.

    And I’m excited to hear your fun news!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      It does doesn’t it….my heart breaks and Evs always tell me I’m too sensitive lol. News is up 😛

  • http://keishuathoughts.blogspot.com/ keishua

    great links! i have been having writer’s block lately, i will have to check out that article on yes and yes.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      It’s a good one!! Thanks for stopping by as well :)

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