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August 10, 2012



Oh friends.

It’s been a quiet week on the blog. I know.

In the middle of dealing with surly teenage sibling dramas and extensive workloads, I’ve been exhausted. To the point I have been going to bed early for once. Like 8pm early.

I can’t lie, the rest has been good. And the thought of TWO FULL DAYS of rest is making my heart sing right now. Even more so as we have a new mattress delivered tomorrow and I can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Evs has the weekend filled with sport and friends and is leaving me to my own devices for the two days. I relish this time alone because I tend to do certain things that I know Evs might not particularly be interested in (back-to-back episodes of Mad Men for example) and just spend some time with myself.

And if you need some quiet time too – here’s a few links to get you started:

  • Baking and cooking is what I do best when alone! And it’s been a while since I have made granola. I saw this sprouted quinoa and oats granola and immediately thought this would be perfect. Mmmm…granola.


  • Ok so I’m still on a baking roll  (HA! That was a pun that was so intended). I reckon everything looks cuter in a mason jar and what better than making mini peanut butter cups in a jar? I’m thinking of trying a sugar-free version of this.


  • Last week I was surrounded by babies and children as they ran around a hall while the birthday girl looked a little forlorn in her sparkly pink butterfly princess outfit. As kids were misbehaving, random aunties called out to them while their parents looked elsewhere. Is it ever appropriate to discipline someone else’s child? Maybe it’s an Indian thing, the ‘child is raised by a village’ mentality but nobody really gives a second thought to boundaries when it comes to this.


  • On another thought – I’ve always grappled with the thought of chivalry in today’s day and age – particularly in the practice of men opening doors for me. I tend to offer to both men and women, and take it depending on who was there first. There have been moments when I’ve opened a door for an older male and they have refused, but I’ve never really thought about it too much. Is it sexist? This young intern thought so.


  • Ha. I probably should read this article more often when I struggle to find fit everything in and then write a blog post.. If you want to take your blog to the next level, you need to post and post consistently. Here’s 10 tips on finding the time to blog. (via Problogger)


  • You’re either a green smoothie kinda person or a juice person. Or maybe you’re both. I’m more of a smoothie girl myself, but have been intrigued by the concept of juicing for a while. Not your ho-hum supermarket juices, but quality GREEN juices. If you need convincing, here’s an article that talks about why juicing could literally be you health saviour.


What’s been the most exciting Olympics moment you have watched so far? Is it sexist or polite when a guy opens a door for you?

  • http://hereslookingatme.wordpress.com Sanjana

    I don’t think it’s sexist at all. It’s just polite for someone ahead of you to hold the door. I do it too, immaterial of the gender.
    Have a chilled out weekend! :) I have quite a hectic couple of weekends planned myself, I think I’ll only be able to relax come September!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      I don’t necessarily think it’s sexist but I think what I object to is calling it ‘gentlemanly’ or ‘chivalrous’. I think it is just good manners really and should be extended to any gender or age without the expectation of receiving that. Weekend was good…spent time with friends and food :) busy bee!!!

  • http://haathitime.wordpress.com hAAthi

    Even though I havent had a specially hectic week, your weekend sounds a lot like mine. Im soooo looking forward to two full days of decompressing at home. Im looking forward to alone, me time, baking by myself and generally sleeping in, while the husband has plans to work through :)
    Oh, and Im on a baking roll too.. and those mini peanut butter cups looks FAB!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Oh man…it was so good…it ended up being only one day as Evs didn’t go the 2nd day of bball but I had made plans with my friend and did just that. I had my little brother over on the Saturday and he studied while I actually enjoyed cleaning the house and then we baked cupcakes :)

  • http://bite-sized-thoughts.blogspot.com Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Just heading over to that running article :) Interesting thoughts on the door opening thing – I’m a bit like you, I offer if it makes sense, and haven’t thought about it too much. I guess it’s a fine line between chivalrous and sexist sometimes!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      It was pretty interesting!!

      I think it sometimes depends on the intention a little bit, but I tend to think of it as good manners rather than sexist. However, I would draw the line at someone putting my chair in or opening the car door for me. No way!

  • http://thebluebride.wordpress.com The Bride

    The disciplining kids link and the opening doors one got me so engrossed, I spent all morning reading the comments. Then I realised I hadn’t read the rest of your post. Going to the running one now.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      I know – I love the comments as much as the articles there as well. It’s quite interesting how people think and more for me, because it give me insight to how conservative Australian women are sometimes.

  • http://www.maubokil.blogspot.com Kavs

    The picture is wonderful! So so apt for me. You may find it funny but events like Olympics tear me up – i get very emotional watching strangers celebrating their success or frustrated with their defeats. For me watching Oscar from South Africa run with other able-bodied runners brought goose bumps and a huge lump in my throat. It was SO inspiring!
    On opening doors, I think it’s really nice when someone opens doors for you, or you do it for someone, the quick smile, the slight nod that follows the gesture I think is very warm. And really it depends on whoever gets there first.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Oh I love it too :) I know what you mean – watching someone get their dream after so long truly is inspiring. I cry at anything, but the Olympics always does it for me. I mean, I started bawling at the Opening ceremony – so much symbolism of peace and love! Sigh.

      I’m with you – you have a quick little exchange which is quite nice and I really do think it’s good manners – if you do it regardless of gender or age.

      • http://www.maubokil.blogspot.com Kavs

        hey, I was crying at the opening ceremony too! :) And it felt so good!

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