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May 11, 2012

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Day 7 – Someone who inspires you – #photoadayMay

There are so many people in the world that inspire me.

But these ladies (all Aussie by the way!), right now, are what is making my brain, body and heart tingle.



Rachel Hills//Sarah Wilson//Michelle Bridges//Mia Freedman

May 11, 2012

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Weekend Reading #3

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It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. I’m not a huge fan of these kind of holidays because of the blatant commercialisation of the day and the assumption that all mothers want is a new kettle, perfume or something pink.


However, I will be partaking in a little motherly love in two ways – one by running 8km in what looks like it’ll be a freezing morning for the Mother’s Day Classic fun run to raise funds for Breast Cancer research.

I am horribly underprepared (as per usual) but it’s for fun and charity and all things good and lovely in the world.

The other way is the more traditional event of a big family lunch of good Indian food, which to be honest, is the best way I can think of spending it.

So, wherever you are  – hope you have a great Mother’s Day or even just a great weekend.

Do something that scares you.

Here is my list of must-reads to get you going (which one of them might actually end up being the one thing that scares you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you)


  • Sarah Wilson’s words of wisdom  -“Jump. Then get your wings.” It reads into my heart and makes that fear lessen just a little.


  • My mother knows the art of executing a perfectly planned and successful dinner party. Me? Not so much. Here’s some great tips on how to entertain with some inkling of decorum.


  • A video shared by a friend on Facebook on the power of not giving up. Make sure you have tissues.


  • I thought these DIY glazed bowls were so gorgeous and so SIMPLE to do! Easy project for those rainy days.


  • This made me laugh out loud because I am totally guilty of this. A friend had a baby and stole the name I had ‘reserved’ for my distant, in the way way future kids. Now I have to think of a new one. And the comments are hilarious (“Also – I know woman named Meladel. She was conceived on the train between Melbourne and Adelaide.”)


  • I am so making this over the weekend. The perfect combination of autumn produce and cozy, warmth giving nutrients.


  • We’ve all those days when we stand in front of the closet despairingly or when everything you wear just looks horrible. But here is a great post on how to dress joyously and feel happy – no matter how you look.


Have a great weekend!


If you’re celebrating this weekend, how are you doing it? Best cold-weather food ??

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