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November 10, 2011


See that post title could mean anything.

Literally, ANYTHING.

Is it weird that when I wrote that, the first thing that came to my head was the conversation I heard on breakfast radio the other day while driving into work about Kegel exercises and how it is basically like stopping your…errr…flow??

Probably not as weird how the radio host went onto say how guys can also now do Kegel exercises (and if in your mind you’re as confused by that as I was, don’t fear. We’re still biologically different) and it’s comparable to holding in a fart. Apparently it does wonders in the bedroom AND you can do them without anyone even knowing.

Unless you do actually fart, then you’re screwed.

(But not in the good way either :P)

All class here folks.

But no, this is not what this post is about. (Unless you want it to be. I’m totally cool with it plus I know how to use Google)

This post is about how I have taken up yoga.

Power yoga.


And again, the first thing that comes into my head when I hear that is the far away booming voice of Captain Planet declaring “With your powers combined….I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!”


You deprived children you.

Captain Planet was all sorts of awesomeness back in the 90’s. I hear they are planning to bring him back via BIG SCREEN! Tell me you are excited!

Anyways, after my niggling knee injury which has kept me from getting high (runners high people), I was on the lookout for some other type of activity that I could do to heal my leg and work on those balance issues.

And then one day, sifting through the million and one emails I get every day from Groupon, Scoopon, Jump On It etc etc (is anybody else as obsessed with these deal sites like me??), I saw a deal for 12 classes of Power Yoga in South Yarra.

The catch – you had to use it up in 6 weeks – that is twice a week from the first class.

Yep, I’m a maths genius.

Now, I’m no commitment phobe, but I do have a tendency to flake out of things when things happen…wait…that’s basically the definition of someone who avoids commitment.


But, I decided that this was a sign from whatever higher being there is basically telling me to get up off my ass and take the opportunity to try yoga out.

So I did.

And I LOVE it.

I have been to two classes already in the last two weeks (and yes you sharp eyed people, that also means I’ve missed two classes. Both for very good reasons) and I’m kinda hooked.

Firstly, the yoga teacher has a body TO DIE FOR. Lean, strong and toned. If yoga does that to a person, then I am thinking this is a good thing.

Secondly, this yoga was HARD.

It’s a Vinyasa flow style of yoga which pretty much means that the movements kind of meld into each other in a flowing way.

Wow, technical.

The word Vinyasa actually means “breath-synchronized movement” and the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next in time to your breathing. You can hold certain poses or perform a sequence (like a Sun Salutation sequence). It’s a lot more dynamic (thus sweat inducing and calorie burning!) then your meditative style of yoga and it can be done in a heated room as well.

The first time I got there, I was nervous. Nervous because I was wearing form fitting crop pants and I normally don’t wear these because, I DO think my ass looks big in them. All the other people there were also part of the deal but they seemed more relaxed and toned with small asses.

Just my observation.

Also, as I have mentioned before – I have horrible balance. So I had visions of me lumbering around the mat like an elephant while other people calmly moved from pose to pose and I spent most of the class lying on my back or tripping over my own feet.

We started off in Child’s pose and then moved onto the Sun Salutation sequence. Not expecting the constant flow of the series of poses, I found this to be harder than I imagined. All thoughts of cockiness that yoga was easy flew out of my mind as I moved from Warrior I to Warrior II and felt the burn in my thighs.

We did a few more poses that had me grinning and thinking sleazily “Ohhh yeah. THAT’s why they say yoga is good for the bedroom”(Frog Stretch and Plow pose anyone???).

It was actually really liberating to focus on nothing else but my breathing, holding the pose and just being relaxed. It forced me to remove all thoughts from my mind.

“The mat doesn’t lie” said the yoga instructor as she moved around us to occasionally adjust our pose or make us push that little harder.

“Everything you have out there brings itself in here.”

And it was true.


I struggled and sucked completely at all the balance moves (Tree, Dancer) to which she said was because I struggled with balance in my life.

It was DEEP, man.

It actually made me grit my teeth and try all the harder to perfect it and I’ve sworn a challenge to myself that by the end of the six weeks, I WILL do it.

By the time I left after spending an hour of bending myself into a pretzel shape with a warm, noodley-like feeling, drenched in sweat, it was, you might say – enlightening.


Well, let’s not go there yet, but I do have to say that I did enjoy it. It DID make me want to almost treat my body to this and feel for just a small moment in time that nothing else mattered but myself and my body. That no matter what was happening with my life, that I can come to this place and just BREATHE.

I may not turn into a tree-hugging, organic-cotton wearing hippie  just quite yet (and no offense to those who are tree-hugging, organic-cotton wearing hippies) but I’m very thankful that I decided to take the chance to do this. It feels right.

And hopefully, by the end of it I can get some balance – both on and off the mat.

Have you ever done yoga before? If so, most hated pose? Forgive me if this is TMI, but Kegel exercises – yay or nay?

  • http://hereslookingatme.wordpress.com Sanjana

    I love doing yoga! It gives me so much energy! And it’s fantastic for my neck and shoulder pain. Of course, what with my mom being a yoga practitioner and all, it’s a bit difficult to not be interested in it.
    And it’s funny you think of organic cotton wearing people, cos she’s not like that at all! (although mom prefers cotton to anything else, cos it’s so frikking humid and hot all the time in Kerala). But she’s not a tree-hugger or anything like that!

    And I don’t know how much of that ” you can’t do this pose cos you have no balance” stuff is true. Cos I can do the tree pose perfectly well, longer than both my mom and dad (yes, we all do yoga!) can hold it and I don’t think I’m balanced in life or anything. Far from it. 😛

    For me, it helps to just focus into space and not on a particular thing… that helps me balance myself. Oh, and don’t close your eyes. You lose balance instantly. Good luck! :)

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Wow…you’re lucky to have your mum to help you with your practice. My dad does yoga everyday as well, but more the deep breathing and meditative type. He’s always on my back to get into it – seriously – have any ailment – yoga will fix it lol.

      Hahaha….I was being quite sarcastic with the hippie thing because I tendencies to go that way myself lol. So hopefully no offense taken!

      Hahah…maybe I AM looking too deep into the meaning of it, but it did resonate with me. OMG – I try that and still fail. Seriously – I’m unbalanced. 😛

  • http://thekidquestion.wordpress.com JustAgirl

    Kegel exercises… Yes yes… really simple and you can do it just anywhere and its good…at least it was said to be great and to be done when I was pregnant.

    Yoga is something which I have no clue how I will get myself into. everyone says its amazing… but I somehow think its boring… is it?

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      hehehe EXACTLY! I never stick with them though – must remember.

      Not boring at all – it really depends I think on what type of yoga you do – I DID get a bit more bored with the slower types (e.g. hatha) because I get so restless and can never get my mind to focus and relax. This type I am always moving and stretching WHILE focusing so it forces me to concentrate and block everything else out. I like it :)

  • http://wayfaringchocolate.com Hannah

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome! This is exactly the kind of yoga I’ve been wanting to do for so, so long! Something that forces me to concentrate, to work, to hurt a little, and take me away from myself in some ways!

    Also… Wind! Fire! Water! HEART! (So weird.)

    Also… only you. Only you would blog about fart sex.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Oh I totally thought of you when I signed up for this! It’s amazing! I will probably stick with it long after the deal finishes but I’m really happy I got a chance to try it :)

      Hahah – yes! My favourite was Water – I mean, what did HEART really do except talk to animals hahah.

      Tee hee. Made you giggle didn’t it 😛

  • http://alwayshappykya.wordpress.com/ AlwaysHappyKya

    Happy for you, you found something which feels right. :)

    My husband has been doing yoga every morning since age 12 and one must think I’ll be inspired..but I look at him balancing upside down, throw a loving smile and walk away with my hot chocolate. Sigh!

    Had a bad back ache last evening and husband made me stretch to some yoga poses…and it helped tons! And now, this post …may be the world is trying to tell me something :)

    Kegel – I believe they do good too. Do them sometimes just sitting at work or driving somewhere.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Hahaha….I’m like that too – if I see someone that has been doing something (like my dad who does yoga every day) I’m more like “That’s nice dear” and go back to whatever I am doing. So doing this of my own choice I know I’ll stick to it a lot more :)

      Man…my body feels like it’s stretched and pummeled. So good!

  • http://snippetsnscribbles.wordpress.com snippetsnscribbles

    I do the Sun Salutation (surya namaskara) at least 2-3 reps twice a day. It is the ONE exercise that stretches every muscle in your body :)

    I do Kegel whenever someone talks of it :-))

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      That’s awesome – I think doing that every day is the perfect way to start the morning.

      Hahah same here! Always forget until I hear about it. Doing it right now in fact 😛

  • http://pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com Pepper

    Oh wow. You are an inspiration. I had taken up Yoga quite a few years ago when I was in India, and I gave it up after 4 classes. Says something about me I suppose 😐

    I hope to get back.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Hahaha no inspiration – just a girl trying to find something meaningful in life :)

      I used to do it too, but never really enjoyed it. I think I found my style that’s all. Try it again and you might be surprised :)

  • http://gravatar.com/shubhere shub

    Took up yoga for the same reason. Used to run, and run. Bummed my knee badly, so I’ve all but given up running *sob*
    LOVE Yoga though. Losing those love handles in just a matter of two weeks of yoga :)

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Totally! She did all these hip openers and hamstring streteches that made me feel like going for a run right after! I don’t know when I’ll get back – my knee is still giving me problems so I’m clinging onto whatever else I can do to keep active.

      Oh wow – you give me hope – I have many love handles that need to get the hell off my body now 😛

  • http://thegalnxtdoor.wordpress.com The Girl Next Door

    I am in bad physical state, and have never really done yoga except for some asanas back in high school. Loved this post, and it would be so relieving to feel that way. Guess now is the time to start doing some yoga! :)

    Am I the only one here who has not heard of Kegel exercises ever? :(

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      I really recommend it – not just for the physical benefits but for the chance to have some time to yourself. I think we all need that. I am totally not the fittest person ther and can barely do half the asanas but I love it and it makes me feel good.

      Hahah…you know now and you can’t forget. It’s meant to do wonders for getting down and dirty 😛

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