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August 23, 2011


It’s a funny feeling how the moment I step back into work, all my inspiration just disappears. The days seem too long, I don’t feel like I have the energy OR motivation to do anything but come home, park myself on the couch and put my hands down my pants.

You know, like most guys do.

Ok, Ok – that was an unfair jibe. (I’m only retracting that coz Evs will give me an evil stare for implying he does nothing while he actually stands there washing the dishes. Or cooking dinner. Or feeding the dogs.)

One of the biggest things I wanted to take away from living in Hong Kong for those three months was the way of life.

The go-get-‘em ‘tude.

I loved how people would go out when they wanted, did what they wanted and spent their time living instead of making excuses for why they couldn’t do something. Days, nights and weekends were filled with things to do, people to see and alcohol to be drunk.

I want to do that here in Melbourne.

Errr…sans alcohol (my liver protests but it’s so darn yummy. As evidenced by the almost empty bottle of deliciously spicy, honey-sweet port sitting at home).

Yes sure, I now have an average of an hour commute each way.

Well, of course I have to come home and cook dinner and spend my weekends cleaning the house. (Ok FINE. Stop glaring at me Evs. Cook SOME nights.)

And I can’t forget, fitting in working out at least a few times a week while juggling late hours at work, family commitments and a never-ending list of books to read and TV shows to watch.

But that’s life right?

Filled to the brim.

So – here’s my plan.

  1. Start my journey to health properly – this is a huge priority for me for many reasons. I’ll be detailing this in a few upcoming posts to explain what I want to do.
  2. Read more books – this was actually on par for number one priority for me. I tend to read lots of blogs, but my beloved books have fallen to the wayside. I spent some of my best moments in Vietnam just reading and I need books in my life to keep me sane. Since I love to talk about stuff, expect some book reviews your way.
  3. Cook more stuff – this I have been getting interested in since I started taking my health more seriously. So seriously to the point, I am actually considering going back to being vegetarian. Well, for a few days a week at least. Baby steps.
  4. Get my home prettied up – Like most of the world hooked on social media, my latest obsession has been with Pinterest (find me here!). I have so much inspiration that I now need to do something about it.
  5. Get creative – Writing, Drawing, Painting. Favourite pastimes, abandoned due to lack of time and a crippling fear of not being good enough. Time to let go and just be.

There’s nothing like a bit of time away to reassess your life (even if my goals seem sneakily similar to my New Years Resolutions. Sigh.) and figure out a plan.

I HEART plans.

I just never stick to them.

BUT, I hope I can with the help of this blog, get me on track.

I’m excited. And I think Evs is excited too.

There can only be one person in the house with their hands down their pants.


What’s one thing that you have been meaning to do, but keep putting it off??

  • http://wayfaringchocolate.com Hannah

    Woot! You go lady! I’m completely with you on the reading front; I really miss escaping into novels but blogging takes so much time! Can’t wait to see your reviews :)

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Hahah thank you!

      I bought so many books overseas. Some people buy souvenirs, I buy books. 😀

  • http://itsacharade.blogspot.com The Bride

    Thanks for the intro to pininterest… and good luck with all your projects!

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      It’s insanely addictive!! You’ll love it though.

      Thank you!

  • http://vectorgaming.blogspot.com JustAgirl

    Good luck :)
    I have been trying point 4 for so so long. Its an expensive task :(

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Tell me about it! We have been living in our place for over 3 years and we still have bare rooms. On my to do list!

  • http://pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com Pepper

    I have been meaning to clear my wardrobe and give away all the stuff I don’t wear. I have also been meaning to clean the insides of all kitchen cabinets replace the sheets of paper in there. I’ve been meaning to exercise and read and paint and cook. And do so much more. I wonder what excuses I have for not doing all of that.

    • http://siggysparkle.wordpress.com Sig

      Haha. Oh man – you just reminded me of the hundred other things I have been meaning to do and put off.

      Wanna do them for me?? 😛

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