//2014. I have my eye on you.

February 16, 2014




Why hello.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I had the thought that I’d be back here sooner than this, but life got in the way. AGAIN. Although that’s not so much of an excuse as the truth.

2014 has been an incredible year so far and we are only 2 months in! We ended 2013 with a the Great Winter Holiday over Christmas and New Years that took us to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Amsterdam and has seated itself in one of the best holidays that I have been on. Travelling with a baby is pretty hard, but by the end of that trip – I felt we were naturals. Of course, it also happened to be the time that Rehan cut his top TWO teeth and started crawling (on New Years Day!) which made things a little interesting, but we managed.

I was hoping for snow, and that didn’t happen which was total bullshit. It was like MINUS degrees and there was no snow.


I found comfort in many, many glasses of hot, spiced mulled wine and mugs of creamy hot chocolate and now have a cute little collection to take home. I also ate my weight in waffles dripped with Nutella, German weiners and frites which had my body crying out for GREEN by about Day 2. My little brother was visiting us from Australia at the time as well, after just finishing his high school exams (which as an aside – he is now 18!! How is that possible?)

(Also – *I* was 18 when I met Evs! Looking back, it seems way, way too young. Gulp).

He left with memories of tasting his first beer, ice-skating and changing nappies for the first time in his life. (What? I had to make good use of a free babysitter while he was there!)

So. 2014.

Welcome to a new year.

It’s hard to put into words how much I’ve already seen myself change and grow in this new year. Maybe it’s a mindset thing, but the possibilities and opportunities just seem so…limitless. My new business is still finding its feet, but I’ve already started taking clients and am loving it! I did a free 21-day health challenge at the start of the year that saw over 200 women from across the world take part and it just BLEW. MY. MIND.

If I’m being really honest – it’s one of the scariest things I have done. Why? Because it was the first thing that I was doing, REALLY doing, that was putting myself out there and towards this dream of mine.

What if people don’t like me? Am I actually HELPING people?

They were the thoughts that swirled through my mind, night after night. And it was the on the night before I launched the challenge that I had this sense of calm about it.

Fuck it, I thought. Just do it.

And I did. I’ve had countless emails about how much they enjoyed the challenge and I already have bigger and better plans for the next round 😀

(Shameless promotion) – if you think that a health coach is something you want to get on this year – whether it’s to lose weight, get more energy or even just have some support as you work towards getting healthy – hit me up at bodybreakthrough (at) glowinghealthylife (dot) com. I’m offering complimentary 30 min Body Breakthrough sessions to see if we’re a good fit and to show you how we can make this your best year yet!)

Rehan continues to be the light in my life. And motherhood continues to challenge and change me in ways I never knew possible.

He is now TEN months. My mother asked me the other week about what I was planning to do for his first birthday and I had to stop myself from going la-la-la-la with my fingers in my ears to block her out. No. He’s not ready to be one yet. *I’m* not ready for him to be one yet.

He’s already broken my heart by saying his first word as “Dada” and Evs is definitely his favourite person. Hmph. Ungrateful little bugger.

He crawled on New Years Day and now my life revolves around following him around while he lunges and goes for everything that he isn’t allowed to. Like computer cables, powerpoints, little tiny specks on the floor to go straight into his mouth, the doorstop and pieces of important paper. He’s also pulling himself up and prefers standing to anything else now, so I think it’s only a matter of a month or so that he will walk. Oh, be still my beating heart.

It’s a great age this one – he’s always been a very alert and curious baby and even more so now as he discovers things around him. He’s so funny and it’s amazing to see how much he knows already. His not-so-new tricks now are clapping (and KNOWING when to clap) and waving hello and goodbye to people. Also, stretching his arms out wide when we ask him how much he loves Daddy. And when we ask the same question about Mummy – I get a blank stare. Seriously. Such a Daddy’s boy.

He is in LOVE with the washing machine and I’m not afraid to admit that there are times when I park him in front of machine while I rummage around getting his lunch ready (our washing machine is in the kitchen – it’s a UK thing!). Feeding wise, we’re very much into our food and baby-led weaning continues to be strong. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner PLUS 3 milk feeds.

I have been holding onto the breastfeeding for as long as I can – he is so much on the move and I can barely get him to stay still, that those moments of feeding him are some of my most treasured. We sit there on the glider chair in his room, curtains drawn, silent and I stroke his hair as he feeds. I love it and am so grateful that I have been able to keep doing it. I’ll actually be really sad when he decides to finish.

We’ve been here in the UK for over 6 months now and it’s surprised me how quickly it has flown. We have our Return To Australia brief in a few weeks, and that just hit it home that we’re almost ready to come home! I can’t say that I’m not glad – as much as I have been enjoying my time here, I think I’m just about ready to go home. I miss my family and friends. And my two doggies as well. And the weather. I needs me some sunshine.

Speaking of which – I am going back home for a month in April! Pretty excited but am not looking forward to the 22 hour flight with Rehan  by myself. Yep – I’m doing it solo. This will either break or make me as a mother. As a HUMAN being I think. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I have to do it.

I hope to drop by a little more regularly in the next few weeks – I miss writing here and one of the things that I am determined to make part of my life is time for my creativity. Which, for me, means blogging and perhaps a little artistic painting as well. My website is so, SO close to being launched and I feel like I’m about to give birth again. (And no, not pregnant again although Evs keeps giving me the side-eye. I keep telling him to stop being creepy).

I hope 2014 has been awesome for you too!

//Why I’m leaving (and coming back again!) – Glowing Healthy Life

December 5, 2013





No excuses. Just a short, simple explanation.

I am incredibly busy. It’s the pointy end of the year (seriously – DECEMBER??!!) and I’ve had a fire lit under my ass. These days I am totally immersed in the creative process, thinking, dreaming, creating for my brand new business. For some reason I set myself the goal that it would be launched in the New Year and then the year crept up on me and I was left looking at the tail-end of November thinking “Oh shit.”.

BUT. I have had a fire lit under my ass.

And I am on a roll – dreaming big for myself and the women that I hope to inspire and empower. My website is being designed and developed. I’m working on one, no TWO projects that will see the light of day in the new year and the most surprising thing – getting myself out there. I’m not good at talking myself up. I tend to stand in the corner and pipe up quietly “Oh yes. Err, I do that. That’s me.” and hope that someone will notice me. It’s the way I lived my corporate life and you know they say hindsight is 20-20. It feels slightly uncomfortable, this self-promotion but I have had nothing but the sweetest experiences. And I’m doing it in a way that I feel good in.

I know taking this leap as a entrepreneur is a huge step. I have the business training and soon will have the qualification for my business – but it’s nothing when it comes to actually doing it. Trusting my gut is hugely new experience for me and it’s fucking scary. I know I will need to do more of that as I take this journey, and oh boy. Big, deep breaths.

You may have noticed I’ve slowly rebranded some of my social media in preparation. My website, my business, my brand-new baby will be launched in January 2014 as Glowing Healthy Life.

Why that? Because I believe every woman deserves to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life and feel beautiful in the body that she has.

My aim is to help women who know they need to get healthy (because they are tired, no energy, hate what they see in the mirror, want to lose weight but have tried everything) but are overwhelmed on where to start. They have lost their sense of self through life and feel like life is a bit out of their control – whether that’s career or family. My goal is to help them find themselves again, find that spark and glow in their life through teaching them about good, real food, movement that energises them and lots of self-care. I believe once they finally put themselves first and make themselves happy, it will create a ripple effect of joy in their life. I’ve seen it personally and I know it. I am LIVING my own passion, using my life as an experiment in order to help those that were, ARE just like me.

To celebrate, I’ll be holding a FREE 21-day #back2balance challenge in the New Year for those who will be making the commitment to get healthy or want a refresh in 2014. It’s going to be simple and literally going back to the basics of good health – setting goals, short meditations (or ME-time!), meal planning, affirmations and positive thinking, quick and easy meals etc. You’ll be connected to like-minded people doing the challenge at the same time which will provide encouragement and there will be daily emails and action steps to REALLY get you going.

Once I get it a little more ready, I’d love for you guys to share the love as well and encourage people to get involved – I really do want to create a community here.

You can sign up HERE (or through the FB page) to get notified when the website launches and also receive my weekly newsletter with health tips, updates from the blog, recipes and info about what’s happening. You’ll also be the first to know about both the FREE 21-day #back2balance challenge in the New Year and my exclusive health coaching program which will be coming soon.

If the above resonates with you (or you know someone like that) then I’d love for you to join me.


In order for me to give my full attention and effort to my business, I’m taking a break from Melbourne Maharani. I love this place, but haven’t treated it well. I’m sporadic and irregular and I really want to connect with people on a deeper level. So this place WILL stay, but it won’t be as frequent (ha!) as I’ve been.

For those who have been on this MM journey with me – thank you SO MUCH. For those, who want to see where the next steps go – welcome aboard.

I’ll see you in 2014 :)

//Weekend Reading #44

November 8, 2013




Happy Friday everyone! How was your week guys?

It’s crazy how this week has flown. I looked up the other day from my table to realise we were in NOVEMBER. Um, how did that happen?

The streets are filled with the setting up of Christmas lights and our little group of Aussies are making plans to hit the Christmas markets in Oxford and Bath sometime soon. There are plans of leaving the babies at home and finding some mulled wine. The air is definitely cold these days and I had to finally acknowledge that I could no longer wear my peeptoe brown leather flats because I was in danger of my toes falling off (Although I am pretty proud that I made it this far!). So, a pair of black leather boots were bought yesterday and I have my eye on a tan pair in the same style.

This weekend looks like its going to be more shopping and Sunday lunch with the Aussie crew at a local pub. My studying is going well, but I have a little bit to catch up on as I try and juggle that with getting the biz sorted too. So much fun though. I have a million and one ideas and cannot wait to get them all started.

If you feel like a good read sometime this weekend, here are my roundups for this week:

  • Being an adult means that some of the time (ok sometimes a LOT of the time) life can suck. Especially when making big life changes. Here’s how to push through the suckitude.
  • How cool is this? I’d love to find a piece of art in the trash and redesign it.

Have a great weekend guys!

What’s the plans for this weekend?

//Rehan – SEVEN months old

November 6, 2013




Seven months old. More than half a year. That’s like eternity in baby years. I WAS meant to post this oh, about a month earlier but those semantics don’t matter.

It’s been a few months since our last update – a whole four months. And in that time, our world has changed. You are no longer a newborn. As much as those first few months were challenging, I silently mourned the day when I realized you were no longer considered a new baby. You were, as the next size nappies and clothing told me, an “infant”. I wanted to do my monthly photo of you on the blanket but after trying to get you to lie still for a good fifteen minutes after you kept rolling away, I gave up. I think those photos are of the past now. (P.S. Aren’t baby shoes the CUTEST?!)

Your dad told me despondently that you no longer had that “new baby” smell when he kissed the top of your head and it took me a moment to realize, that he was indeed right. I miss that smell.

However, I am loving this age. I say that ALL THE TIME, but seriously – this has got to be my favourite. You are so incredibly happy and joyful and everything is funny to you. It makes us laugh when you spot something in the room and crinkle your nose and giggle at it. No idea what’s so funny, but it melts my heart to see you laugh. You have learnt to reach for us and both your dad and I love it when you put your arms around our neck and bring us close. You’re a hugger and we love to hug you back.


In the months past you definitely have grown. You rolled over from your back to your tummy when we were in Bordeaux, France – our first overseas trip with you. THAT is another story in itself, but you managed the flight and us traipsing about like a champ. One you mastered that there was no stopping you and we spent many sleepless nights flipping you back onto your back again when you decided you wanted to roll in your sleep. Then one night, we just left you – a combination of being too damn tired to get up and you slept peacefully. A tummy-sleeper was thus born. I worried at the start when you slept on your belly, but now that you can roll both ways, I just leave you to it. Your dad and I find it amusing to see what position you end up in after putting you to bed and wonder how the hell you manage to turn upside down. That’s skill.


Sleeping properly changed you and it changed us. I think we finally understood each other and figured out a process and routine that worked. As much as I love/hated those moments of rocking you to sleep, it is so SO much better having taught you to sleep independently. You have bonded with Bunny and can’t sleep without him. You like to chew on his face and ears and drape him all over your face or wear him like a wig when you sleep. Poor Bunny. Last night you slept through the night for the first time. Yay!

You sat properly for the first time just about a month ago. At first, you would sit, propped up against my legs while you held a toy in your hand, moving it slowly from each one. If I moved away it wasn’t long before you would topple over. Then one day, I moved you a little further from me and you sat there happily for a good few minutes. Then another few minutes. You had no clue what a huge moment that was, but I watched you and felt a little part of me cry. Milestone after milestone seem to be passing by so quickly.


These days you are attempting to crawl – performing a funny flailing action when you’re on your tummy as you try and reach the toy in front of you. I quickly put you back onto your back – I don’t want you mobile just quite yet.

My favourite part of the days is the mornings when your dad comes and brings you into bed with us and we all snuggle. Mornings are family time and we lay there, long after you have finished feeding and just watch you sing to yourself or trace the outline of our face. You like to stare into my eyes like you are taking in every detail and I swear we could do that forever.


Speaking of which, feeding is going well. Well, as well as it can. I think with the combination of moving here and change in lifestyle, my milk seemed to drop and you made it known that you weren’t happy. A weigh in found that you had dropped in weight as well and given that we were now past six months, we started solids with you. My little baby – you are a total foodie. You LOVE your food. Despite the sayings that “food under one is just for fun”, you quickly learnt to chew and swallow (as much as you can without teeth!) and you can definitely put a lot away. Baby Led Weaning agrees with you and you love being able to feed yourself. In fact, you like to start what I call baby-tantrums when I DON’T let you do it and once I give you the spoon or the food to hold, you look at me with a big gummy smile, proud as punch.


There are times when I look at you in my arms and think you are so small – you’re my baby, and then I realise how big you actually are. This year has flown and soon I won’t even be able to call you my baby any more. You are growing up before my eyes and I want to snatch the clock and beg time to stop.


If I am being truly honest, I was worried about being a mother to a boy. I had no clue what I could be in for and wished for the sweetness of a baby girl that I could relate to. But now, I can’t imagine it any other way. You have brought out the playful side of me and have proven that boys are just as sweet and loving. I sense a future Mummy’s boy here 😛

I love you Rehan.

//Weekend Reading #43

November 1, 2013




Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a busy, busy week. Classes for my health coaching certification officially started and I. AM. LOVING. IT. I have already learnt so much and it’s only first week! After enrolling months ago, the start date seemed so far away and something so way, way into the future. Like this new chosen path of mine, it was something that because it WAS so far away – it didn’t feel REAL.


Now the day is here and I have taken those first tentative steps.

It’s been a productive week for me as well. The behind the scenes work for my new blog/website are finally getting some steam and it looks like I have nailed a designer/developer for it. She is awesome, a fellow Aussie and I cannot wait to start working with her to get this baby off the ground. (Remember, you can always sign up to my weekly newsletter for news of the new blog as well. It will be revealed there first! –> Sign Up!) (As an aside, that was a lot of ‘news’ in that last sentence. Carry on.)

It may sound silly to you, but I believe more and more in this. It’s quite freaky how much it seems to make sense when things are going pear-shaped, but I do understand the sceptics out there. Trust me, the scientist in me hasn’t fully disappeared. The Mercury Retrograde in the last few weeks has definitely made itself known to me as well, with lots of creativity flowing and some really exciting things that I am literally jumping up and down in my seat to get started. BUT, I know one must crawl before one walks (or runs!) so as advised am not signing anything yet, but taking the time to collect my thoughts and get things in order. You know, review and reconnect with what I’m really trying to do.

This weekend is Diwali, and I’m not sure what the plan are at this stage. I’d love to see what’s around in the area (which might mean a trip into Swindon. I KNOW.). But if nothing else, then I’ll light a few candles and make something sweet for my little family.

And for you, this is what caught my eye this week:

  • LOVE this. Disney princesses (and their evil counterparts!) go high fashion.
  • What is a Gypsetter? n. One who is gypset (a portmanteau word: the wiles of a gypsy mixed with the sophistication of the jet set.) One of the most fantastic people I know online, Vienda M has released her new ebook “The Gypset Recipe Book” – brim packed with healthy and amazing recipes to make while travelling. I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of it and am already loving it. You can win a free copy for yourself here.
  • Ever heard the adage “Shop for the life you wish you had?”. Yep, well that kinda doesn’t work for me in the presence of an infant. My clothes now need to be practical, simple and of the material whereby puke stains can be either hidden or washed out easily. I wore a nice cardigan yesterday and Rehan spit-up on me. Twice. And this is why we can’t have nice things. This post about the secret to a happy wardrobe was just what I needed. (Plus I really like her outfit choices there)
  • Cancer is heartbreaking. But to put a face on it and see it unfold is even more so. These series of photographs taken by a man of his wife shows not only the stages of her cancer, but also the unwavering love between them. The last photos…well…tissues handy are recommended.
  • Reading so, so many wonderful books about personal development and creativity for a life filled with passion. One of my personal favourites – Danielle LaPorte’s “The Firestarter Sessions”. Get on it now and see your world change. I have The Desire Map on my reading-list next.
  • It’s soup weather and what better than a big bowl of pho?(pronounced “fur”) This recipe for chicken pho with raw zucchini noodles has me salivating and wishing I was back in Vietnam.


Happy weekend guys? What’s on for you?

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